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The Team

The People Behind The Business

All successful organisations and businesses need effective leaders. The leadership of effective and well trained leaders is paramount to providing an agreed upon goal for the company’s success.

The Founder and Chairman of the Group, he came to Ghana in the late 80's and since then he has watered this small seedling of business with his hard-work and sweat to make it a fruit bearing tree that stands tall against all its competitors.

His assertiveness and proactive leadership skills has brought the company a world-class business hub.

Mr. Parshotam Aidasani

Group Chairman

The Group CEO, he joined his father's business in the early 2000s and has been responsible for exponential growth of the business in the last two decades.

His unmatched excellent customer service relationship by treating his customers as business partners has helped the Group attain new heights.

Mr. Pawan Aidasani

Managing Director

CFO and Head, HR

HEAD, Operations

Head,  Logistics

Head, Sales & Marketing

Head, Packaging

Head, Brand, Marketing & Business Development

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